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Install Netflix jio TV file explorer ine in any Android TV

Install Netflix jio TV Es file explorer in any Android TV.

Nowadays Android TV is in Trend but for every TV installing your favourite application it's not allowed. In this post you you will know how to install your favourite apps like Netflix jio TV ES file explorer in your Android 4K television. There are three steps to install without rooting your TV. It's totally safe. First you have to open your Store inbuilt. Then search for "Es file" . It will show you ES file explorer to download.

Topic: install Netflix jio TV file explorer in your Android 4K television

You have to write the exact name I have shown up. After downloading the ES explorer you shall able to install any other application because Google has allowed other application to installed other application.

After installing the ES explorer insert a pen drive with your favourite apk file in your pendrive.you can download below application which is already supported for Android TV and I am using it.
Es file explorer.apk
just click on the application you're onto installed and it will give you a pop up to install like that.
Install popup

click on the install button and it will automatically installed in your Android TV.
You can installed jio TV file explorer Netflix and Aadhar application to.

Jio tv working


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